5 Tips for Choosing Your Boudoir Photographer

  1. Emotion

What does your gut say? Do their photographs inspire any emotion in you? If so, is it positive? If you answer yes, reach out and talk with them. If you answer no, MOVE ON. At Amber Jones Photography, the session is about creating a safe and comfortable environment for you!


2. Products 

Albums are my go-to products for boudoir, because they are beautiful and sexy. Leather or linen covers allow you to customize your album so that it reflects you! Enlargements and wall prints are all archival, so they are meant to last. My favorite item is my signature offering — a charcoal drawing of one of your bodyscapes. 


3. Location of the shoot

Where will your session take place? Does the photographer have a studio space? I knew when I first started my business that a studio space was essential for me. I wanted a space that would be available to me whenever I needed it. Now I have a 1,500-square-foot studio where I can create so much variety! 


4. Your clothing vs studio clothing

I have a few items that any client can use in the studio, like a wedding veil, nice cozy robes, blankets, and mugs. I get the willies when I think about boudoir studios that have lingerie for clients to wear. I wouldn’t want to wear a piece of lingerie that some other lady wore. I want you to be comfortable in your own lingerie and outfits.


5. Professional Hair and Makeup

You should have it, so I include it! I don’t want you to long for anything during your session, and having professional hair and makeup done is so special. You’ll sip on champagne, enjoy some music, and we’ll all chat like we are old girlfriends. It’s great!