5 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

  1. Connection

This is a two-parter. Look for connection in the photographs. Your wedding day should be filled with those intimate connected moments — the moments between you and those you hold most dear…the special intimate moments on the dance floor with your new husband!

You should also have a connection with your photographer. We all want to work and be with people we feel connected to because it makes sense. You want the playful back and forth to get those genuine laughter photos, and you want to feel as though your photographer is part of the day, blending in when they need to and stepping out to direct when they should. 


2. Personality 

I remember when I started my photography business thinking that I wouldn’t have any work friends because I’m the only one! Well, I can say that I have made some amazing friends, because I’ve photographed their wedding or boudoir session. I truly believe you should want your photographer there because you like who they are! If you feel uncomfortable or awkward during your consultation, he or she is probably not the right photographer for you!


3. Style 

I have been asked by many couples what my style is. What I want to say is, “my style.” Every photographer develops their style as their career advances. When I break my photography down to the simplest form, I focus on light and pose. When you have beautiful light (natural or created) with a beautiful pose, magic happens. Poses don’t have to be static and disconnected. Knowing how to pose someone is such a key component to beautiful photos. Once I mastered posing couples, I was able to focus on coaching them to create the intimate, candid, and emotive photographs that take us back to that exact moment. 


4. Products

I offer a variety of albums, enlargements and prints, because I want you to have the full experience. Photography is about prints and having something tangible from your wedding. All my collections include an heirloom-quality album, because your wedding photographs deserve better than a $99 album. Your wedding photography is one of a few tangible items you will have after your big day. How do you want to remember your wedding as you look through your photographs? 


5. Insurance - Do you have it? 

This is a serious question to ask! The correct response from your photographer is “Yes, I have both property and liability insurance.” Homeowners insurance doesn’t count, in my opinion.