Bodyscapes | Why you want one!

I recently taught a photography seminar on the curves of bodyscapes at a photography conference in Saint Louis, MO. One of the attendees asked, "Aren't bodyscapes best done with models like the ones you have in front of your class?" (They were probably size 2-6) I had to pause and contemplate my answer for a few reasons.

1. My brain doesn't think in sizes.

2. Bodyscapes are about light, shadow, and curves.

3. I had to think if I had photographed a woman without curves. NOPE!

My answer was, "Every woman's body has curves no matter the size, and your job as the photographer is to photograph them in a beautiful, meaningful and artistic way."

Whether you are a size 00 or 22 everybody has curves and curves are what I am looking to photograph during my boudoir sessions!

Can you imagine yours on a fullpage spread in your album or enlargement on your wall? If not, maybe these examples will tempt you!

Connecticut Boudoir Photography 1
Connecticut Boudoir Photography 2

Boudoir sessions take place in my West Hartford Photography Studio. Gorgeous hardwood floors and huge windows it’s a place you’ll instantly feel at home!