Boudoir Photography is about creating photographs that are intimate, beautiful and sensual. I take the time to talk with my clients about your session and create an experience unique to you. After years of helping women feel empowered in their own skin, I guarantee that you will not regret scheduling your session. In fact, many clients regret not doing it sooner!
— Amber Jones

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Client Testimonial

“I'm a very modest and shy person, I'm also a mom who's turning 40 soon and I wanted to do something special for myself. I'll never be completely satisfied with my body, but I'm not getting any younger! I wasn't really sure I could go through with it until I saw Amber's work and met with her. Amber made me feel so comfortable--I knew she was the right person for the job. Amber was so receptive to my vision, hair and makeup was included, which was fabulous. I am so happy I found Amber and actually did it! I love my photos and wish I had done something like this before my wedding years ago. I’ll be back for another boudoir shoot when I near 50!”

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Do Something Special for Yourself!